Stem Cell Injections

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Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain or Injuries

Stem cell injections work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself by regenerating damaged joints and tissues. Unlike treatments that simply address the symptoms, stem cell therapy actually promotes repair of the body, restoring degenerated tissue.

Until recently, treatment options for people with osteoarthritis of the knee were limited. Steroid injections, joint replacement surgery, and physical therapy were often the only treatment options. Now, stem cell injections for osteoarthritis are available. Stem cell therapy also has applications for treating Achilles tendinitis, rotatory cuff injuries, and degenerative joint disease.

As we age, we are more prone to injuries because we start losing important cellular proteins and factors that contribute to healthy joints and bones. The aging process also interferes with the ability of our bodies to heal properly from injuries or degenerative damage. All this translates in joint pain, swelling and stiffness, which interfere with living a healthy and happy life. Stem cell therapy restores the balance in the injured tissues by enhancing the body’s own natural healing process.

Typically, after about a week patients start to experience a gradual decrease in pain and an improvement in the movement of the joint. Some patient’s symptoms are alleviated after the first injection; other more severe cases may require more than one injection to improve their condition.

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