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Relief by Corganics - Elite Chiropractic Wellness Centers

Corganics® Relief Pain Cream

Most users report that Relief pain cream has a far better fragrance, feels gentler on their skin, and works better and far longer than any other topical analgesic.

Relief has become the product-of-choice by everyone experiencing pain or soreness including athletes, trainers, coaches, massage therapists, rehab facilities, and medical professionals. In light of its versatility and effectiveness, many have called Relief, “The Miracle Cream.” Why settle for anything less?

Relief’s superior effectiveness is a result of its unique, synergistic blend of essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Menthol) and other natural ingredients (such as L-Arginine, MSM, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera). Relief pain cream has a refreshing scent, is non-sticky, absorbs quickly, does not burn or dry your skin, and does not stain clothing.

Foot Levelers - Elite Chiropractic Wellness Centers

Foot Levelers

Your feet are the foundation of your body, supporting you when you stand, walk, or run.

It’s important to understand that all Foot Levelers Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are custom-made to support all three arches of the foot, which creates a balanced foundation. That means that no matter which Stabilizer you choose, you’ll get optimal results to satisfy you and your patients.

Foot Levelers was founded in 1952, by Dr. Monte H. Greenawalt, a successfully practicing Chiropractor. In the years since, Foot Levelers has become an innovator in products designed for whole body wellness. Our functional orthotics, the cornerstone of our company, are clinically proven to help reduce pain and improve whole body wellness by balancing the body from the ground up.

Dutchcraft Mattress Company - Elite Chiropractic Wellness Centers

Dutchcraft Mattress Company

DutchCraft Mattress Company is dedicated to providing a high quality mattress, with good service and competitive prices.

The team at Dutch Craft never sets on its laurels. The team is always searching for innovative ways to improve on product lines, use new technology, while staying cost efficient and passing those saving directly to the dealers and customers.

Dutchcraft Mattress Company uses only the finest material available. From Foams to fabrics and springs to cotton, compare their materials to any national brand and discover why their mattresses are built to last.

  • High Density Foams resist body impression while providing outstanding support and durablilty.
  • No Fiber loft pads, convoluted foams or inferior “filler” materials just to achieve looks.
  • Hardwood foundations and tru Flex Modular Box Springs are hand built to last.
  • Non Pro-rated warranties so you can rest assured for years to come.